Manage Sqlite database with Sqlite Studio

Posted by Rahman M On Tuesday, August 7, 2012 2 comments
SQLite is a software library that implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine. SQLite is the most widely deployed SQL database engine in the world. The source code for SQLite is in the public domain.
That is a statement of who defines the SQLite developers of SQLite. What is the advantage of using this SQLite?
As the above statement that SQLite does not require such a configuration server in general because SQLite is a library that only supports the SQL language and of course also with the many functions that are not inferior to another database server.

Here is why I am interested in this SQLite investigated.
There are many tools that can be used to manage SQLite database, one which I will discuss here is SQLite Studio.
SQLite Studio can run on multiple platforms, windows, linux and solaris.
The advantage of using SQLite Studio, you do not need to install in your PC or laptop because SQLite Studio is portable, so it can be used on a PC or laptop without having to install it first.

You can download SQLite Studio here.
Open SQLite Studio, the main menu should look like this picture SQLite Studio.

click the close button

To create a SQLite database, click the Add database.

Type the name of the database with the extension as you like, but I recommend using the extention .sdb. and now will see the database you just created.

to connect to the database, right-click your database name and select connect.


to create a new table, right-click Tables and select New Table.


type the name of the table, to add a field click on this button 

click the create button to finish creating the table.
will be seen in the left menu, table name that we have made.

Thus the use of SQLite Studio tutorial as a database manager to manage SQLite database.
for a complete tutorial on Sqlite Studio visit this link.
in the next post we will discuss ways make delphi connection to sqlite database. 


Anonymous said...

You can check one more tool - Valentina Studio 14 Feb 2013 in the 5.0 version added support of mySQL/mariaDB , as well as, SQLite, PostgreSQL. It is FREE. Works on Mac, Win and Linux. Includes not only db management but powerfull reports that work again on 3 OS.

hayatu-123 said...

Take a look on a free tool -- Valentina Studio. Amazing product! IMO this is the best manager for SQLite for all platforms.

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